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This website has been maintained by myself, Bill Kramer, since 1999 as a tribute to eclipse chasers. Not directly affiliated with any one travel company I've had the opportunity to experience eclipses with a variety of groups and people. Over the years this website has grown as I relate my own stories as well as those of anyone that wants to send me something related to eclipses. Keeping it all organized and up to date is a challenge however it is one that I gladly accept.

As of summer 2010, visitors to the Eclipse-Chasers web pages can add their own log information and pictures. This is the only online social tool for Eclipse-Chasers outside of mailing lists and forums that exists at present. Visitors from all over the world are welcomed.

You can help support the Eclipse-Chasers efforts by sponsoring a web page. Sponsors can be individuals as well as companies who want to send a message to eclipse chasers. Sponsor notices appear along the side bars on the web pages.

Some web pages will have more than one sponsor because they have a popular or timely subject matter, are PHP driven to allow for rotating ads.

Visitor information for advertisers: Normally the web site has about one hundred unique visitors per day. Surrounding eclipse events the site will see several thousand visitors per hour. Visitors are from all over the world. Most are looking for specific information about past and future eclipses, photography, travel groups, and general information to share with students and astronomy clubs.

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